Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3 after TAC surgery....woo-hoo

Today has been a great one thus far! I've taken a shower, fixed myself lunch (tuna and crackers), and now I'm watching the Tyra Show while relaxing on the sofa! The topic of discussion on the Tyra Show is "Being in an Open Relationship". I'm not sure I would be interested in that type of relationship because I don't believe in sharing my significant other with anyone! Lol I'm the jealous type, I guess??? Anyway, that's off the topic.......however, today is Day 3 after being TAC'd and I feel much much better! I'm amazed how quickly I'm healing. The hubby and I started TTC this past Tuesday on Day 1 after the Please don't judge us, we're just anxious to conceive right away and put this TAC to the test:-) off to baby-making we go!! Sending/blowing baby dust to all couples TTC....Happy baby-making....woo-hoo

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