Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 4 after TAC surgery

How do I feel? Hmmmmmmmm
Each day the healing/recovery process gets better and better! I'm still in denbout that I have been officially TAC'd as of Sept. 12.....especially having to go through my 2 angel losses: Zachariah Reed Batiste (Nov 25, 2009)@18wks and Jimmie Reed Batiste, III (Jun 26, 2011)@22wks. If I could do anything I mean anything to bring my two baby boys back, I would! I miss them so very much, no one could ever imagine:-( Eventhough, I didn't know them for a long time they're still my babies and I love them so so very much with all my heart. In order for me to remain sane, I've been praying on a daily basis for God to give me strength, faith, courage, serenity, and endurance to make it through the difficult times. I can honestly say that God has truly given me the ability to see it through. He continues to bless my husband and I daily; and for that we are truly sincerely thankful, grateful, and blessed! We both know that God has a magnificent plan for us because he hasn't brought us this far to leave us now:-)

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