Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back at Work-Day 8 after being TAC'd!!

Well I'm a day late with this post, (I returned back to work on yesterday Day 7 after being TAC'd) but I'm back doing my home health!!! Thank you God:-)  Currently, I'm what you would call "Pain-free." I feel much much better, about 90% back to my old self again.....woo-hoo   Now just praying and hoping my hubby and I conceive right away!!  I will keep you all posted on our progress:-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 5 after being TAC'd Making progress!

Today marks Day 5 after my TAC surgery! I'm feeling much better, thank God! I did a little cleaning in the house for the first time.....yaaay In the meantime, the hubby and I are trying to figure out where we're going to watch the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight!

On another note: I'm just so happy, ecstatic, elated, and blessed to be in my own shoes:-) As I continue to read other women's blogs of their successful pregnancies after being TAC'd, I feel encouraged and anxious to get the ball rolling!! Hopefully around this time next year, my hubby and I will be spoiling our baby boy or baby girl:-)

"Do not be in fear of the past or what tomorrow may bring...enjoy the beauty of today and expect an even greater tomorrow."

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 4 after TAC surgery

How do I feel? Hmmmmmmmm
Each day the healing/recovery process gets better and better! I'm still in denbout that I have been officially TAC'd as of Sept. 12.....especially having to go through my 2 angel losses: Zachariah Reed Batiste (Nov 25, 2009)@18wks and Jimmie Reed Batiste, III (Jun 26, 2011)@22wks. If I could do anything I mean anything to bring my two baby boys back, I would! I miss them so very much, no one could ever imagine:-( Eventhough, I didn't know them for a long time they're still my babies and I love them so so very much with all my heart. In order for me to remain sane, I've been praying on a daily basis for God to give me strength, faith, courage, serenity, and endurance to make it through the difficult times. I can honestly say that God has truly given me the ability to see it through. He continues to bless my husband and I daily; and for that we are truly sincerely thankful, grateful, and blessed! We both know that God has a magnificent plan for us because he hasn't brought us this far to leave us now:-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3 after TAC surgery....woo-hoo

Today has been a great one thus far! I've taken a shower, fixed myself lunch (tuna and crackers), and now I'm watching the Tyra Show while relaxing on the sofa! The topic of discussion on the Tyra Show is "Being in an Open Relationship". I'm not sure I would be interested in that type of relationship because I don't believe in sharing my significant other with anyone! Lol I'm the jealous type, I guess??? Anyway, that's off the topic.......however, today is Day 3 after being TAC'd and I feel much much better! I'm amazed how quickly I'm healing. The hubby and I started TTC this past Tuesday on Day 1 after the surgery.....lol Please don't judge us, we're just anxious to conceive right away and put this TAC to the test:-) off to baby-making we go!! Sending/blowing baby dust to all couples TTC....Happy baby-making....woo-hoo

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Chicago Trip-The Windy city

The hubby and I really enjoyed our time in Chi-town for our weekend getaway!!  What a Beautiful city!!

Day 2 after TAC surgery

Well what can I say.......I'm feeling a little stiff with mild-moderate pain:-(  I can honestly say that it isn't the best feeling, but it is tolerable!  So far I've gotten out of the bed 4 times to walk and stretch my muscles.  The first time getting out of bed was crucial and very dramatic for me......lol  I literally had to get down on the floor to stand up, while trying to keep my body straight..talk about painful. OUCH  However, I was able to go to the bathroom and fix myself lunch (well warm up some noodles)  lol!  My hubby returned to work this morning and periodically calls to check up on me:-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Officially TAC'd

I'm pleased to announce that I've been officially TAC'd as of September 12, 2011 by Dr. Haney! This has been a long awaited procedure since our most recent 2nd loss of our beautiful baby boy Jimmie Reed Batiste, III on June 26, 2011 at 22 weeks. Stay tuned for more details!!